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My name is Andy Lambert and I have been a volunteer at Brooklands since 1985. In that time I have had the honour and privilege to work with an incredible bunch of people. Some of them, I did not know their name, or background.

Because most of us are getting on in years, it is all too common to find one of us has gone on an 'Extended Tea Break'. Talking about this with Julian Temple, Tony Amos and John Silver, we all felt it would be nice to honour their memory in some way. Hence this website!

Now you can leave it to us and I will add those special ones I remember with John and Julian's help, OR you could help us by sending me information on the people you knew. All I need is an email containing:-

  • Your Name.

  • Their Name.

  • Details about their life before Brooklands 20 to 200 words please.

  • Details about the work they did at Brooklands 20 to 200 words please.

  • Date of Birth (approximetly. if that is all you have).

  • Date of Death (approximetly if that is all you have).

  • Lastly if we don't already have one, a picture of them please.

It does not need to be a lot of writing, a couple of paragraphs is all we want, just  see some existing examples we have done already, to get the idea. I have even made a form you can fill out here if you would rather do it that way.

You will have to email me or give to John Silver the picture, because I have not yet worked out how to attach one to the form.

I hope that you agree with us, that this is a project worth doing and give a little of your time, to add those who you worked with at the Museum?

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