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Ted Fiander 1935 - 6th May 2014  

Ted had been a Volunteer at Brooklands  for almost 14 years and was a mainstay of the Vehicle Restoration Team doing, amongst others, the administration (MOT’s, etc.) which is one of those must-do, but unrewarding jobs.

He was also an enthusiast who enjoyed talking all things automotive to our Visitors and, as John Pulford said, made working here a real joy.

Paul Godfrey 1966 - 31st December 2014  
Most of the Brooklands' team heard of Pauls death on the fist day of  2015, where his loss cast a shadow over the New Years Day event. Paul had joined the volunteers in the late eighties along with his life long partner Silke and had been involved in Recovery, Restoring and Rebuilding many exhibits.  Professionally he was freelance broadcast Cameraman and Soundman, for news, sport, current affairs, documentary drama and corporate work, although most of his work was with the BBC.

In the nineties he was part of the team that filmed the rebuilding of the Nat West Tower (following the bombing of the city of London). He Joined 'Live TV' in 1995 and worked on projects like Topless Darts and the Fashion Show. He was Senior Cameraman  on Boys Toys and The Sports Show. He joined the 'Money Channel' in late 1999 and then in May 2001 decide to go freelance. During 2012 he covered the Olympic Sailing events in Weymouth and Portland, as well as the Paralympic games in Stratford.

Many of his work colleagues attend his large funereal in Kingston and the BBC's David Sillito read a glowing Tribute (Copy Here). Just like at Brooklands, at work he was good at everything he turned his hand to and no task (no matter how difficult) would get him down.   Everyone who knew Paul liked him and admired his inner strength.

There can be no doubt he has over the last 25 years contributed more to Brooklands than most others and being such a unique person will be greatly missed. 
Paul Godfrey
George Harden 1933- 17th February 2014  

George was mainly one of the ‘Friday Team’ and a mainstay on the Aircraft Park where he could open and talk in depth on them all. George was also a School & Adult Guide. He had been with the Museum for around 15 years.

A college recalls “George and I served our apprenticeships together at Vickers Armstrong’s at Brooklands in the early 1950s. Our technical training was by day release at Brooklands and Kingston Technical Colleges. I rode with George with the Weybridge Wheelers CC and in 1954 we joined a group of apprentices and hired a cabin cruiser which took us up the Thames as far as Wallingford and back.


I lost contact with George when I left Vickers / BAC in 1961 but our paths crossed again 40 years later when I joined Brooklands Museum. He will be greatly missed.”


Right till the end George maintained his smile, sharp sense of humour, drive and determination  A few months before his death he was even looking at buying a motorbike, or something to do up!.

George Harden
John Gouldstone 1932 - 23rd January 2014  
John spent his working life in the major construction industry after serving his period of National Service in the RAF. In his youth he was keenly interested in cycling and road racing in particular which he did with his club, the Redmon CC and continued whist in the RAF where he represented that service in inter service competition. He was also interested in photography and pursued this hobby with membership of a club with whom he and his wife spent many foreign trips taking photographs.

He retired from full time employment in 1992. John joined Brooklands Museum on retirement in 1992 and became a member of 'the Wednesday Gang' of volunteers rebuilding Wellington R for Robert. Always a stickler for doing a good job his efforts were much appreciated throughout the rebuild and then onto the construction of our Hawker Fury where he was involved with the tail section of the aircraft. Although by this time the major work on Robert had been completed John continued with fitting out work such as reconstructing electrical panels from the lace like remains of the originals. He was still involved with this work up to his death and was the last of the many Wellington volunteers still working on her.

He will be sadly missed by the Wednesday Volunteers and Stewards for his friendly and cheerful manner and the chat in the crewroom will be poorer for his absence. The photo was taken in the Wellington Hanger at Brooklands standing next to the Hurricane, on the occasion of the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of the Wellington emerging from Loch Ness.
John Gouldstone
Henry Hunt   - 2011  

In the 1950s, Henry was a member of the Guided Weapons trials team, working at Wisley, Larkhill and over Aberporth flying in Canberra and B29 Washington aircraft, with Blue Boar and Red Dean. He worked on Vigilant trials at the Larkhall rocket range and was a member of the team demonstrating Vigilant in India. Henry qualified as a pilot, in the Vickers Flying Club.

After GW moved from Weybridge, he was a Senior member of the VC 10 sales team, travelling widely. A keen sailor, Henry kept a small sailing boat people in on the Thames, near his home in Windsor. An early member of the Brooklands Guided Weapons volunteer team, Henry helped to build the exhibits in the Wellington Hangar.
Henry Hunt
Denis Jenkinson 1920 - 1996  

One of the more famous Brooklands Volunteers, Denis or DSJ as he was universally known, had spent his working life around motor sport. During the war he worked at the RAE in Farnborough, where he meet Bill Boddy a connection that would later see him join Bill at Motor Sport magazine and lead him to a successful career in Journalism. 

 Not only did he report on motor sport, he often took part in it, including being Stirling Moss's navigator during the Mille Miglia events of the fifties. His accurate reporting, honesty and love for the sport, meant he was respected by all the key drivers and teams, not only from the UK, but from around the world He became involved with Brooklands Museum soon after its conception in the eighties and could often be seen walking around the site with a mug of tea nearly as big as himself.

Despite his elevated status he was not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get stuck into any job, as can be seen in this short clip of him exploring underground Brooklands.
Denis Jenkinson 1920 - 1996 

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